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Service:New Construction - Phase II: Pre-Drywall Inspection add another, change

  • The Phase II: Pre-Drywall Inspection occurs after the framing is in place, the electrical wiring has been run and the plumbing lines have been placed. This should occur before the drywall and bricks are put in place. Inspector looks for proper attachments to the foundation, electrical wiring and termination, plumbing setups, any disconnected plumbing, nailing plates where required, proper window operation, observe the ducts for damage or disconnection, ensure fasteners are in all holes at the joist hangers, ensure framing of the structure was completed to standards, ensure the flashing is placed around windows and other penetrations, and that the exterior sheathing is sealed to create a water-resistive barrier. Inspector does not inspect the roof at this phase as there is much that is incomplete, however, he will check for obvious points of water entry.

Inspectors: No preference, Alex Angulo - GreenWorks Inspector, Louis Montalvo - GreenWorks Inspector
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