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Service:Septic Tank Inspection with Home Inspection add another, change

  • A septic inspection is used to locate system components, observe how the system functions and if the system is in need of repair to function properly using visual-only, non-invasive inspection techniques.  Occasionally, the tanks and risers are buried and the locations cannot be determined, in which case it has likely not been pumped or inspected in several years.  The inspection includes running all of the plumbing fixtures, looking for effluent at the surface of the drainfield, dipping the tank to determine depth of sludge and scum levels, assessing if the tank covers are watertight and in fair condition, and checking equipment for safety or mechanical issues.  We also look for proper clearances to property lines, wells and other water sources to ensure the system is not creating an environmental impact.

Inspectors: Alex Angulo - GreenWorks Inspector
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